Signs It’s Time to Break Off the Affair

“Lack of romance”

An affair is a beautiful thing, especially in those first gorgeous days, when everything tastes of honey and wine, and your wife hasn’t quite figured out that no one really has to stay late at the office all that often. This is the great time when you’ve found some great sites to use courtesy of married dating website reviews, and they’ve netted you a fantastic lady that fulfills all of your expectations and more. You can see yourself having a wild fling with her, jet-setting from London to New York to Paris to Tokyo and back again, only to wind up spending each vacation under the covers in your hotel room.

Sadly, every affair runs its course. One of the biggest reasons men get caught having affairs is that they hang onto the idea of the affair long after its run its course. This leads to them getting caught more often, as well as just experiencing a severe lack of fun in the affair itself. Learn how to read the signs, and break off an affair when it’s run its course. You’ll be happier, your wife will be clueless, and you won’t have to worry about all the extra pressures of juggling two lives for longer than it makes you happy.

She’s Getting Clingy

“Break up when you see the signs of clinginess”

This is the number one cardinal rule of breaking up with an affair: end when she gets clingy. Of course, it can be difficult to know which women are going to be this way, and which are going to be easy to deal with in the long run. If you’re going to successfully have an affair, you need to be willing to end an affair while the getting is still good. Set yourself a time limit, and stick to it. Otherwise, you risk attracting a clingy woman, or worse, making a previously fun and free-spirited woman into the clingy kind.

One of the biggest signs that she’s getting too clingy is in how often she tries to contact you. If she’s satisfied with meeting up at pre-arranged times and only seeing you once a week or less, you’re probably fine. If she starts making demands on your time, however, it’s probably time to cut the cord. Remember how easy it was to meet her by using those married dating website reviews? Yeah, it’ll be just as easy to meet another woman who hasn’t lost her sense of fun yet. You’re not looking for a long-term mistress. You’re looking for a woman that will be a lot of fun whenever you feel the need, and don’t forget to check our review chart here: Read British married dating site reviews before you start looking for another mistress.

Your Wife Knows

“You get the feeling that your wife knows”

If your wife suspects you’re having an affair and you know she’s suspicious, break it off. If your affair is more important than your marriage, it shouldn’t be an affair. If you’re in true love, divorce your wifeand move in with your fling, but the vast majority of men who have affairs are not going to do that-because they recognize the fling for what it is.

If your wife finds out, or if you think she’s getting close to finding out, break it off with your hookup immediately. Actually stay late at work the same way you would if you were still having that affair. If your wife is actually suspicious, she’ll probably come check on you. Finding out that you’re seriously working latethat night will be a huge point in your favor. When you’re working late, call her and ask her to bring you a snack or stop by for a quick meal as a break. She’ll realize that you’re just a busy man, and you still care a great deal about her. This will go a very long way towards making her feel like you couldn’t possibly be cheating on her.

You’re Considering a Pet

One of the biggest signs that your affair isn’t the one getting overly-committed is when you start thinking about a pet. Yes your girlfriend thinks that the cat in the shop window is awfully cute. However, that’s no reason to go out and get a little collar with a bell on it, and it’s certainly not a reason to start shopping for litter boxes. If you’re thinking about getting a pet with a woman, you’re committing to a relationship for the duration of that animal’s life. Whether you think that’s what you’re saying or not, that’s the impression she’s going to get-and the one you’re unconsciously sending. Remember, that’s a few months for a fish, a few years for a rodent, and over a decade for a cat or dog.

More importantly, looking at pets means that you’re the one considering a life with this woman. If that’s not a warning sign, you need to seriously re-evaluate your priorities. You got into this to have a lot of fun, not to try and forge a new life with a new partner. Unless you start thinking about the D word, steer clear of this one.

You’re Going Broke

“Stop paying for things – It will drain your bank account”

Affairs can be difficult to maintain for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest is that they’re expensive. You have to pay for hotels, food, presents, transportation-and if you’re in a big bustling metropolis like London, none of that comes cheap. You need to start paying for things in cash, or possibly open up a separate account just to make sure that you won’t be caught with the wrong kind of charges on your joint account with your wife.

After a while, that kind of spending is going to become obvious, both to your wife and to the more obvious problem of your account balance. Affairs get more and more expensive as time goes on, which means the lady you’re with is probably not going to start being content with less and less in the future than you’re giving her now, and you can find that sad truth out by looking at any reviews of married dating websites, let alone some friendly advice. If she’s blowing a hole in your wallet, it’s time to walk away from her.

You Start Thinking About Her Like Your Wife

If your phone buzzed, and you looked down right now to see who the recipient was, and found out it was your piece on the side, what would your reaction be? If it’s the same groaning annoyanceor indifference that you’ve at times felt with your wife (we all have), your affair has run its course. Any time you start feeling like your mistress is a responsibility instead of an escape is the time you need to get the hell out of there. Protect yourself first and foremost, and don’t let things get to this point.

When they do, it’s fine. Just make sure that you remember why you’re having an affair, and why you don’t want to get overly attached. The woman you’re having fun with should be a delightful distraction, not a full-time job. Remember, there are lots of others out there. You don’t get any points for being faithful to a mistress, so stop thinking about the ways you can do right by her, and start thinking about the ways you can keep doing right by yourself.

What Counts in Casual Dating: Things You Shouldn’t Talk about

“Go for casual dating”

There can be many good reasons to start reviewing online personals sites. You can be looking for relationships, friendships or for casual dates, amongst others. Although casual dating sometimes gets a bad reputation from more conservative factions, it’s a preferred dating type by people who aren’t interested in a long-term relationship or don’t have any time to invest into one, but still don’t want to deny themselves the joys of sex. When you’re considering trying casual dating for the first time, you might feel a little overwhelmed by how different it is from traditional dating at times.

Although it’s common to meet your next potential sex partner in person before deciding where to go, very much like on a date, you don’t talk about the same things as you would on a traditional date. Both of you are trying to figure out how attracted you are to each other and how compatible you are in bed. You aren’t planning anything beyond that, so your date isn’t mainly about what a great person you are on the long run. It’s a temporary agreement. This means that you can actually talk about the wrong thing on a casual date. Of course it’s beneficial if you at least enjoy each other’s company, but there are topics that, while partially ok on a traditional date, will ruin your chances. For example, the following:

Nobody Should Know the Trouble You’ve Seen

“Just have some fun”

As pointed out, there are various reasons for choosing casual dating for yourself. You can share these reasons with friends, should they know and maybe even ask why you’re going through online personals sites reviews, if they come across your search history while borrowing your phone. Whatever your reasons, if you have any bar just wanting sex with no strings attached, they are what they are, good or bad. But that still doesn’t mean that you should necessarily share them with your casual date in person. It’s a common topic for casual dating, since it’s something both parties share. However, it acts mostly as an opener and is less about what exactly led you to your decision. You’ll most likely only know the woman you’re talking to for a few hours, a few days at most. Having you pour out your heart to them is the last thing on their priority list. They want sex and that’s it. If you want more attention, then you should find someone else. Check our comparison of sites on personals dating and read the personals website reviews to find a likeminded partner.

Keeping the conversation topics light and relatively superficial is important for casual dating, because they can set or ruin the mood for sex. By starting to explain that you just came out of a long relationship or that your job is taking up all your dating time, you’re taking the conversation into deep waters usually reserved for people you see on a regular basis. Your date will assume that you want to add them to this list of people, which could imply the next topic you should avoid:

The Dreaded ‘L’ Word

“Are you ready to say the L word?”

And it isn’t lesbians or latest music import from London or Canada. Casual dating and love are often implied to go hand in hand by romantic comedies, but in reality, it’s something that rarely happens. The main reason why people choose to date casually is to avoid love, not to find it by having sex so often with someone that sexual attraction starts to magically turn into emotional attraction. It’s actually even rarer to have sex with a casual date more often than a handful of times. People looking for reviews of sites for online personals aren’t using the search query ‘love’. If they were, they would be landing on dating sites. Those who are looking for love on personals sites will let you know relatively soon.

When you’re out to meet the woman you’re planning on taking the next step of casual dating with, one of the worst things you can do is to talk about love with her. Love is not only a very private topic, but it’s also fairly easy to jump to strange conclusions when you talk about it with her. Because it’s a topic you seem to want to talk about, it will appear as something that’s important to you – meaning it is something you’re interested in pursuing. Even if you aren’t or if you’ve become a victim of love at first sight, the topic alone will make your date ask herself if you’re just using casual dating as a pretense. If love comes up, try to change the direction of the conversation. If you want to pursue a romantic relationship with her, take things slowly, so that she can warm up to the idea. Try to meet her more often and start building something like a friendship with benefits to get to know her better. This can give you a better understanding of how to break the topic of a romantic relationship to her.

Never To Be Fulfilled Prophecies

“Avoid the mood killing topics on your date”

It may be hard to believe, but there is actually a topic that can call forth even worse reactions than love from your date. This topic doesn’t only imply that there’s love somewhere on the way, but that there’s so much attachment that you’ve started making plans. Whatever your date’s reasons for choosing casual dating, considering a shared future with you is not it, especially not if you’re meeting for the first time. Actually, this is not even a topic for a first date period, no matter what. Although there are women who break this rule and we’ve all heard about them, or worse yet, have gotten to know one, do both of you a favor and try not to even think about it.

Most obviously, it’s a cardinal sin of casual dating to talk about a shared future and you are smart enough to know that. But even comments you aren’t intending to imply a shared future could make your date wonder about your true intentions. It could be an innocent compliment about her being a very warm and caring person. Throw in the word ‘motherly’ and she’ll start wondering if you’re fantasizing about her being the mother of her children. Of course, not all woman are that way, but considering that you just briefly know each other, you should better play safe. Should the two of you really land on the topic of future plans, talk about your job or places you’d like to visit. Saying you want a family could be interpreted wrongly.

Though this advice may sound like you could ruin your chances with a woman on a casual date easily, it really isn’t. During a casual date, you’ll even find yourself being more forgiving of certain things that would usually irk you. Having no strings attached is what saves the day. What you should avoid though is sticking to the aforementioned topics like glue, or continually returning to them – that will just make her exasperated with you. In the case of you accidentally reaching one of the topics above, don’t draw attention to it and carefully steer into safer conversation waters. Talk about what brought you together on a date in the first place, instead. Talk about all things sex. You’ll find that will put both of you in the right mood to quit talking and get to what you both want.

How To Outsmart Smartphone Thieves

Smartphones are very popular gadgets today because you can do many things with it. It’s like a combination of the phone, music player, camera and computer and game console. It can be used to communicate at the same time capture videos and pictures. You can also watch movies and play games and access the internet through it. You can even play games with it. With its popularity and its market price, there have also been a lot of smartphone thefts. You can protect yourself from these smartphone thieves by doing the following tips.

Take note of your smartphone details

Once you get your hand on a smartphone, take time to take note of the details. It won’t take an hour actually. You only have to list down the serial number of your smartphone and all the details such as purchase date and the store where you bought it from. Once your smartphone will be lost, you can block it using the serial number that you have listed down.

Always turn on your phone security

Tip: How to outsmart cellphone thieves

Tip: How to outsmart cellphone thieves

Keypad security may be overrated but this can discourage thieves to steal your phone. When tracing your keypad unlocking pattern, make sure to trace a unique pattern because when you use a common pattern for convenience, thieves can also unlock it easily and get whatever personal information you have inside.

Never store critical personal information in your phone

There are many people who find remembering a tedious task. So that they won’t be able to forget personal information such as email passwords, ATM PINs and other information, they usually store it in their smartphones. This is alright but once thieves steal your smartphone, they might be able to access all the information stored inside and use it for criminal activities.

Don’t link credit card information to your smartphone

As much as you can, don’t save your credit card information in your smartphones. Again for convenience, many people save their credit card information when they make purchases in their smartphone including apps and games. Once thieves open your smartphone, they might make endless purchases through the data that they will retrieve. As much as you can, don’t make purchases online using your smartphone.

Install security apps

Instead of wasting your phone memory on countless games, take time to download security apps to keep your smartphone secure. You may not appreciate it now because you still have your smartphone. You will only appreciate these security apps once thieves will steal your phone. You can trace your phone using GPS data when you have security apps installed.

Anti Theft Alarm Free - Android Apps

Anti Theft Alarm Free – Android Apps

As a final word, you should be vigilant in keeping your smartphone secure. The best way to outsmart thieves will always be preventing the theft of your phone. Remember that aside from the inconvenience that you will experience once your smartphone will be lost, it is relatively expensive and thieves might be able to get their hands on your personal information. Don’t forget also to follow the tips above so you will be one step ahead of the smartphone thief all the time.

Safety Measures On Your First Date


Although your first date can be considered essential, always remember that your love story doesn’t happen in one day. It is a must to take precautions especially if your date is someone you just met on the internet. You’ve been chatting for eight months now but you can’t automatically trust the person behind the screen. So aside from looking good on your first date, please consider these 3 safety measures when going out on your first date.

Plan Your Date Ahead

Planning ahead does not mean months ahead your first date. A week ahead would be fine that way you can think of a better place to meet in public. You can also suggest a place which is accessible to you or you can meet halfway. You can also decide the right clothes to wear in a way that is not too sexy or revealing; that might give him or her, the wrong impression. Planning ahead will allow you to talk to the phone at least, and have some background check about your date. You can also prepare a plan B where you can also ask help from a friend just in case things don’t go very well.

Go on a Group Date

6 Reasons Why Group Dates

6 Reasons Why Group Dates

It is safer if you go out with another pair or two especially with a couple you already know. Besides first dates can still be considered friendly dates. With your friends around you will become more comfortable and at ease. Their presence will allow you to be more of yourself. So have fun on your first date and enjoy it with some friends.

Always Trust your Instinct

When everything doesn’t feel right, it is our body’s way of telling us to “get out now or don’t even think about going on that date”. So it is always important to change plans if the feeling is starting to feel awkward. Tell your date to meet up with a friend afterwards or if it’s okay with him for a friend to come and join. So never underestimate the power of your instinct. It is part of our nature, like when animals feel that they are in danger, humans also has that capability to sense it.

With our changing world, meeting people has been very easy but difficult in trusting them. If you are looking for love, it is still best to stay positive about it. After doing a little homework about your date, you can start to get to know him even more. Stay in that moment, keep a positive perspective and be confident. Rest assured that if in case things will not turn out the way you want it to be, you can always go on another date.

First Date Safety | Nouveau Dating

First Date Safety | Nouveau Dating


Prevent Breast Cancer with These 3 Healthy Foods!


There are lots of ways you can prevent breast cancer – either through making changes in your lifestyle or by eating the right kind of foods. According to studies, a woman can avoid the risk of acquiring breast cancer by two-thirds by practicing good nutrition and proper weight management. Even those who already possess the risk genetically can more likely be spared from the disease with a good diet. Here are some of the helpful foods you can try.

  1. Include oily fish in your diet.

Consume at least three portions of fresh mackerel, sardines, salmon or trout every week. These kinds of oily fish have all been linked to lower the incidence of breast cancer in most women. Even Eskimos, who usually have a high consumption of oily fish, have only little incidence of breast cancer.

What makes this possible is the substance called omega-3 fats. These oils not only prove to strengthen the immune system, but also retard the growth of cancerous tumors in certain parts of our body. Furthermore, omega-3 oils work to compete with the omega-6 fats’ ability to develop cell division and therefore, controls cell growth.

Omega-3 in fish may reduce breast cancer

Omega-3 in fish may reduce breast cancer

  1. Never go wrong with wholemeal bread and rice.

An adequate intake of fiber can certainly keep breast cancer at bay, and pulses, wholemeal bread, and rice are one of the best sources of fiber out there. Not only can it eliminate excess estrogen that will trigger cell division off our system, it can also prevent the reabsorption of estrogen into our intestines.

Fiber also helps in maintaining a regular bowel movement as its texture guides the food we take in to move smoothly through our digestive tract. Higher stool weights also indicate lower levels of estrogen in women; therefore, protecting us from the cell changes in our body, particularly from breast cancer.

  1. Add some cabbage in your diet.

Members of the cabbage family such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and brussel sprouts are all said to be effective foods that can ward off cancer cells. Since they contain cancer-fighting compounds that are known to deactivate estrogen, and reduce cancer risk in turn.

A substance called sulphurophanes that are normally found in broccoli have been known to improve liver enzymes, which are usually low in women with breast cancer, that works to detoxify our body. Other cancer-fighting vegetables you may also include in your diet are radishes, turnips, and swede.

Reduce breast cancer risk with diet

Reduce breast cancer risk with diet

Prevention is always better than cure, and certainly there is no harm in trying out nutritious foods that will not only keep us healthy, but also decrease our risk of acquiring cancer in the future. From this day on, start taking these foods on a regular basis and keep your breast cancer chances to a minimum.

Give Your Finances A Spring Cleaning With These 3 Steps

Whoever said that your wardrobe is the only thing that needs spring cleaning? Your finances too need an annual spring cleaning; and just like your wardrobe, where you can find unused stuffs that you can convert to cash, spring cleaning your finances might make you discover ways to save more on cash – and more cash means more savings!

Start organizing your files

Ok, so you’re not the type that likes to organize; you can’t even organize your work drawer, let alone your financial files. Sooner or later you must learn how to properly do this or else you’ll end up losing or misplacing important documents and pay a high price for it. Every financial document needs a file of its own: Utility bills, credit cards, insurance, savings account, investment account, vehicle records, mortgage records, tax records, pay slips, warranty receipts, IOUs, school records and the list goes on.

Here’s what you need to do: write down on a piece of paper the labels for your financial and important personal document; after that write down the sub-labels for each. When you’re done, get a transparent plastic envelope and name each according to the labels you wrote. Then sort your files and put them inside each envelope where they belong, organizing them by monthly sequence as you go.

Spring Cleaning Money Matters

Spring Cleaning Money Matters

Stop piling up on hidden and costly fees

Go through your files and see which among your credit cards are due for payment or annual fees. By not paying these dues on time, you are bound to spend more for penalty. Late bill payments likewise can cause the utility company to cut your subscriptions and when you catch up to pay the bill, you’ll be charged for re-connection fees. Most of us are surprisingly unaware when our bills are “really” due each month even though we pay them regularly. So avoid missing due payments by marking your calendar days ahead. Especially for insurance, avoid holding your payment and going beyond your grace period because there’s a high price to pay for each reinstatement. Even if you can get a brand new insurance, your premium will again be recomputed and will turn out to be more expensive than the previous one. One clever trick is to set the alarm of your smartphone or tablet for repeating monthly bills.

Terminate unnecessary subscription

Maybe you’ve subscribe to two or three magazines that you once liked to read regularly but you’re somehow missing the time lately to even browse them, then you know the time has come to terminate their subscription. Does your cable network offer subscription for only the channels you regularly watch instead of the full offer? If yes, then call the network to downgrade your subscription and save more money from that. Likewise, if you’re close to the end of your subscription term for your mobile phone, why not switch to a lower call and text plan if you’ve realized your original plan is just too much for you to consume monthly. Often times, we are lured to buy in a consumer plan that we don’t really need.

3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finance

3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finance

Don’t mind the feeling of being overwhelmed when organizing your financial records; almost everyone who does this goes to through the same feeling. Just focus on the benefit of this task afterwards, the confidence that in case of emergency or dire urgency you’ll know exactly what to look for and where.

Become A Master Networker: 3 Effective Ways To Be One

In order to succeed in the world of networking, you have to be able to put your social media world right in the palm of your hands and become a master networker. Since the field will require you to build your personal brand and develop the social circle you will need for you to reach success, you need more than technology to survive in your business. To help you on this, here are three surefire ways you could integrate in your strategy.

  1. Build strong relationships.

In order to do so, do not just stop at gathering a huge herd of Facebook and Twitter followers; instead, turn these digital friendships into networking opportunities. Start by sending out private messages to your followers and interact with each of them as much as possible. If you are using your business name in your Twitter account, make sure to introduce yourself and your company to a new follower.

But don’t just rely on social media and focus as well on the real world out there. For your non-online contacts, spare some of your quality time to build a strong business relationship with them. By focusing on your relationships first before anything else, these people will trust you and could entrust their friends to you, as well.

3 Ways to Become a Master Networker

3 Ways to Become a Master Networker

  1. There is absolutely no room for shyness.

If you’re the shy type of person or someone with a meek personality, maybe you might think twice about venturing into the field of networking. If you wish to be a master networker, you should be able to freely talk to anyone about your brand or business. Moreover, you should not be easily disheartened when a potential customer turns you down with “I’m not interested” or even a simple “no”. Instead, use this as an opportunity to move on to the next client who might turn out to be exactly the one you need.

  1. Get out and be involved.

The thing about wanting to master the art of networking is you should never stop at learning how to be one, so it is best to immerse yourself in activities that will help you grow in your field as much as possible. Find similar groups in your area you can discuss your business with or conventions that will help you improve in your field. You could also become involved in charity organizations or become a sponsor of an event, an organization, or a sports team.

Become a Master Network getting involved

Become a Master Network getting involved

Getting involved in these activities may or may not be related to your business; however, the thing is you are able to make a lot of connections and shake a lot of people’s hands. Thus, you’re making yourself productive while increasing your pool of opportunities as well.

There’s no easy way to becoming a master networker. Practice these tips on a regular basis and watch your brand flourish in itself.